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Custom T-Shirt Quilt Request

Custom T-Shirt Quilt Request

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Got a stack of old T-shirts that you don't want to wear anymore but hold too many good memories to get rid of?

Looking for a nice "going to college" present for your 18 year old?

Don't waste all that perfectly good fabric! Turn those shirts into a quilt!

I can take pretty much any number of shirts and sew them into a quilt of any size that you desire.

We will meet (in-person if you're in the Milwaukee area, otherwise virtually) to discuss trim color and other customization options, and I will provide you with a quote that factors in my time and any materials I need to purchase. Should you accept, you will need to ship or hand-deliver a box containing the shirts, and I will get to work!

Expect up to 2 months to complete the product. Cream City Patchworks will not pay shipping costs for the shirts, but shipping of the final product will be free.

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